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BACKGROUND/AIMS Lysyl fluorescein conjugated bile acid analogues (LFCBAA) closely parallel their natural counterparts. To assess LFCBAA as a tool for the visualization of bile acid transport within liver tissue. METHODS Wistar rats were administered physiological concentrations of the primary bile acid analogue cholyllysyl fluoroscein (CLF) and of the(More)
BACKGROUND Cholyl-lysyl-fluorescein (CLF) is a fluorescein-labelled bile acid whose biological behaviour closely resembles that of naturally occurring cholyl glycine. AIM The aim of this study was to analyze the CLF plasma elimination in patients with liver cirrhosis. METHODS A dose of CLF at 0.02 mg/kg b.w. was administered i.v. in 26 patients with(More)
CASE REPORT A 42 year-old female diagnosed with essential iris atrophy complained of visual decrease in the right eye. Examination revealed moderate corneal oedema, folds in Descemet's membrane, polycoria, corectopia, and iris atrophy. Excimer laser assisted Descemet stripping endothelial keratoplasty was performed, with a good corneal transparency and a(More)
We describe three females who since childhood and puberty have presented with several relapsing episodes of acute or chronic LKM positive hepatitis. Many episodes resolved spontaneously with recovery of normal liver function, although treatment with steroids, steroids/azathioprine was used at occasions. No clear pattern of precipitating factors has emerged(More)
Using a large volume high-energy-density fluid shear experiment (8.5  cm^{3}) at the National Ignition Facility, we have demonstrated for the first time the ability to significantly alter the evolution of a supersonic sheared mixing layer by controlling the initial conditions of that layer. By altering the initial surface roughness of the tracer foil, we(More)
The goal of the present work is to report the impact of psychological support, given during pregnancy to a group of adolescents, on maternal weight gain and their infants' birth weight. A total of 54 clinically healthy pregnant women of middle educational level were studied in Mexico City, beginning on the 20th week of pregnancy throughout the end of it.(More)
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