Taruo Kataoka

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This paper describes a method of motion pattern generation for biped humanoid robot to walk like humans or walk with various kind of motions. To realize biped walking avoiding singularity at stretching leg, pattern generation uses predetermined knee joint trajectories. Reduction of DOF by predetermination is complemented by waist motion. The effectiveness(More)
This paper describes the evaluation of three different walking patterns of a biped humanoid robot. Stretch-walking patterns with straight legs for a biped robot are compared with conventional walking patterns with bent legs in terms of energy consumption. This paper discusses walking pattern generation for various walks. To confirm the walking pattern(More)
A control method of current type PWM AC-to-DC converters which realize sinusoidal AC input current and unity power factor is discussed. In such a type of converter, an LC filter required on the AC side may cause a resonant problem especially in the transient condition. To overcome this problem, state feedback control is introduced, and a control strategy(More)
A new control method for active power filters with voltage detection is proposed. The proposed control method is based on the real-time simulation of an LC filter accomplished by a digital signal processor. Thus the proposed active power filter acts equivalently as an LC filter whose circuit parameters, such as the resonant frequency and quality factor, can(More)
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