Tarun Varshney

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This paper demonstrates the function approximation capability of feed forward neural network (FFNN). An attempt has been made to develop the Graphical user Interface (GUI) system for function approximation. This GUI system can handle the function approximation of any nonlinear/linear function which can have any number of input variable and 6 output(More)
INRODUCTION Due to simple functioning of PID controllers it is widely used in control systems. But tuning the parameters of controller is still a formidable challenge. Also, once the parameters are well tuned satisfactory performance cannot be guaranteed due to process changes and aging effect, so a regular tuning is needed which takes considerable time and(More)
In this paper a new intelligent control based scheme has been proposed for tuning PID controller parameters (propositional, derivative, and integral gains) of multi-variable systems using diagonal recurrent neural Networks (DRNN). It utilizes the basics of back propagation algorithm with momentum constant. A simulation study of nonlinear, interactive, two(More)
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