Tarun Raj

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A Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is considered an autonomous collection of wireless mobile nodes that are capable of communicating with each other without the use of a network infrastructure or any centralized Administration. MANETs have a wide range of applications from military to search and rescue operations during disaster. In the research work, Mobile(More)
We propose a novel method of message security using trust-based multi-path routing. Simulation results, coupled w ith theoretical justification, affirm that the proposed solution is much more secured than the traditional multi-path routing algorithms. We propose a method to securel y route messages in an ad-hoc network using multi-path routing and(More)
The present age is the age of science and it is not wrong to that almost everybody depend upon science for almost everything. The wide use of wireless network and the various hand held devices increase their importance which results in the popularity of ad hoc network. MANET consists of various mobile nodes that communicate with each other. The reason for(More)
Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) consist of mesh routers and mesh clients, where mesh routers have minimal mobility and form the backbone of WMNs. They provide network access for both mesh and conventional clients. This paper considers the interaction between channel assignment and distributed scheduling in multi-channel, multi radio Wireless Mesh Networks(More)
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