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A linear programming formulation of the optimal stopping problem for Markov decision processes is approximated using linear function approximation. Using this formulation, a reinforcement learning scheme based on a primal-dual method and incorporating a sampling device called 'split sampling' is proposed and analyzed. An illustrative example from option(More)
We describe, implement and benchmark EigenCFA, an algorithm for accelerating higher-order control-flow analysis (specifically, 0CFA) with a GPU. Ultimately, our program transformations, reductions and optimizations achieve a factor of 72 speedup over an optimized CPU implementation. We began our investigation with the view that GPUs accelerate(More)
In order to achieve high performance on modern and future machines, applications need to make effective use of the complex, hierarchical memory system. Writing performance-portable code continues to be challenging since each architecture has unique memory access characteristics. In addition, some optimization decisions can only reasonably be made at(More)
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