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SUMMARY Growth performance data of the local goats of Malaysia and their crossbreds with the German (Improved) Fawn goats were analysed using animal models with maternal effects, in order to estimate additive genetic and crossbreeding parameters. Two different genetic models, the Dickerson (1969, 1973) model and the Kinghorn (1980, 1983) model, were used to(More)
This study provides insights on the motives for acquisitions and divestitures and the practices used to value acquisitions during 1990-2001. Based on survey evidence, we find that the primary motivation for mergers and acquisitions is to achieve operating synergies while the top-ranked reason for divestitures is to increase focus. The results also show that(More)
We survey managers of Norwegian firms listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange about their views on dividend policy. The key factors that drive dividend policies are the level of current and expected future earnings, stability of earnings, current degree of financial leverage, and liquidity constraints. No significant correlation exists between the overall(More)
Investors can receive cash distributions from corporations through share repurchases, regular cash dividends, and specially designated dividends (SDDs). Understanding why firms choose one method over another to distribute excess cash has important implications for investors. We find that the primary motive for repurchasing shares is to take advantage of(More)
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