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BACKGROUND Hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) are important transfusion-transmissible infections. This study was performed to assess the prevalence of HBV and HCV seropositivity among blood donors at a tertiary care hospital-based blood bank in India. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS The blood donation records over 5 years (2005-2009) were(More)
To prospectively evaluate the ability of Guy's Stone Score (GSS) in predicting stone clearance rate and complication rate (by modified Clavien grade) for renal stones treated by percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PNL). From January 2013 to June 2014, a total of 142 patients undergoing PNL were evaluated prospectively. Patients with co-morbidities like(More)
In this article, we present our recent study of offline recognition of handwritten numerals of three Indian scripts -- Devanagari, Bangla and Oriya. Here, we propose a novel approach to combination of multiple MLP classifiers with varying number of hidden nodes based on Adaboost technique. In this recognition study, we used Zernike moment features of(More)
Thymic carcinoids are aggressive and present at an advanced stage. This article describes the utility of (68)Gallium-1,4,7,10-traazacyclododecane-NI, NII, NIII, NIIII-tetra acetic acid-(D)-Phel1-Tyr3-octreotide positron emission tomography ((68)Ga DOTATOC PET-CT-scan) and clinicopathological features of four thymic carcinoid tumours. Two typical, one(More)
BACKGROUND The resectability and survival may be improved in thymoma and thymic carcinoma with multimodality therapy. Various diagnostic imaging modalities are required for accurate diagnosis and preoperative staging of thymic masses. The present prospective study was planned to evaluate if Fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) PET-CT can help differentiate various(More)
BACKGROUND We investigated the effect of smoking on postkidney transplant outcomes in the United States Renal Data System. METHODS In a retrospective cohort of 41,705 adult Medicare primary renal transplant recipients in the United States Renal Data System database transplanted from January 1, 2000, to June 30, 2006, and followed through October 31, 2006,(More)
INTRODUCTION In 2008, we initiated the first Guyanese comprehensive kidney replacement program, comprising hemodialysis (HD), peritoneal dialysis (PD), vascular access procedures, and living-donor kidney transplantation. The government of Guyana, US-based philanthropists, US-based physicians, and Guyanese caregivers teamed up to form a public-private(More)
Video-assisted thoracoscopy can be a useful tool in selected chest trauma patients for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. A metallic foreign body, embedded in peripheral lung parenchyma, was removed successfully with blood clot evacuation and limited decortication of lung in a hemodynamically stable 10-year-old patient using a video-assisted thoracoscopic(More)