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BACKGROUND Combination antibiotic regimens are effective in the treatment of actinomycetoma but many treatment schedules require supervised parenteral therapy for prolonged periods. We describe a schedule that includes parenteral medication in an initial, short phase followed by a longer phase of oral medication. METHODS Sixteen patients with clinically(More)
Actinomycotic mycetomas usually respond slowly to treatment with antibiotics. In an attempt to hasten clinical resolution, we used a 2-step regimen consisting of an intensive phase of therapy with penicillin, gentamycin and co-trimoxazole for 5-7 weeks, followed by maintenance therapy with amoxicillin and co-trimoxazole. Seven patients were treated, all of(More)
Amyloidosis cutis dyschromica represents a rare type of primary cutaneous amyloidosis with few reported cases worldwide. It is characterized by asymptomatic, generalized hyperpigmentation with intermingled hypopigmented macules without atrophy or telangiectasia. We report herein a 19-year-old female who developed this pigmentary abnormality at 4 years of(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment of resistant vitiligo is challenging. A few well-researched studies have shown variable results with surgical and other therapeutic strategies. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the usefulness of a less-painful method of repigmentation of vitiligo patches. PATIENTS AND METHODS Forty vitiligo patches in 22 consecutive patients with resistant(More)
Congenital Hemidysplasia with Ichthyosiform Nevus and Limb Defects (CHILD) is a very rare entity inherited as an X-linked trait. The cutaneous lesions are characteristic and usually involve the right side of the body. We report a case of CHILD syndrome in an Indian child affecting the left side with various other associations not yet described in the(More)
Focal dermal hypoplasia, also known popularly as Goltz syndrome, is a multisystem disorder characterized by linear or reticulate atrophic macules with fat herniation that is associated with various cutaneous and extracutaneous anomalies. We present a case of a patient with Goltz syndrome who exhibits a classical presentation, associated with exopthalmos(More)
Linear porokeratosis is a rare disorder of keratinization that usually presents at birth. We report a 17-year-old male with generalized linear porokeratosis, a very rare variant of porokeratosis, with extensive involvement of the trunk and extremities along with nail and genital involvement. The patient was treated with oral acitretin with excellent(More)