Taro Tsuchiya

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Fat density in the dural sinus on computed tomography (CT) is described in eight cases. Of the eight cases, five had fat deposit in the torcular Herophili, and three in the superior sagittal sinus. This finding was incidentally found by CT and there was no common underlying disease in these cases. It is suggested that this finding represents normal adipose(More)
To identify regional vasodilatory capacity and its sequential change, we evaluated prospectively a total of 78 acetazolamide tests in 51 patients with occlusion or greater than 75% stenosis of the carotid or middle cerebral arteries. The relative distribution of cerebral blood flow was determined by single photon emission computed tomography(More)
Twenty-eight patients with cerebral infarction were examined by brain SPECT with I-123 IMP a total of 46 times from Day 2 to Day 84 after the onset of stroke. Depending on the pattern of change in the abnormal accumulation of I-123 IMP between the early and delayed images, the patients were classified into one of five types. The number of patients in each(More)
The surgical technique and complications of aortic cannulation for arterial return in total body perfusion utilizing oxygenator were presented based on our experience of 400 patients. Major complications encountered were laceration and bleeding (1 case), hematoma formation and bleeding (2 cases), and malpositioning of the catheter resulting in mild brain(More)
This paper addresses the problem of verifying integrated services of home network systems which consist of one or more home appliances. Specifically, an approach is proposed that uses the SPIN model checker to verify integrated services automatically and exhaustively. The proposed approach encompasses a method for automatically translating integrated(More)
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