Taro Kono

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Laser ablation scheme can cover pretty wide range of intensity regime as a heat source at its laser focus spot from 10 3 W/cm 2 to 10 14 W/cm 2. These intensities cover the ones expected at the divertor (MFE) and the first walls (IFE) in a reactor. For example expected values are of 10 to 100 MW/m 2 at MFE divertor and 10 9 W/cm 2 or higher at IFE first(More)
Objectives. Several modalities have been advocated to treat traumatic scars, including surgical techniques and laser resurfacing. Recently, a plasma skin regeneration (PSR) system has been investigated. There are no reports on plasma treatment of mesh skin grafted scars. The objective of our study is to evaluate the effectiveness and complications of plasma(More)
A 1-year-old boy had grayish pigmentation on the left side of his face over the area supplied by the mandibular branch of the trigeminal nerve. Upon further examination, the lesion was also found on the left side of the neck, shoulder, upper arm, right lower back and buttock. The pigmentation was uniform in intensity. This case report demonstrates that(More)
BACKGROUND Cosmetic procedures are growing ever more common, and the use of soft tissue fillers is increasing. Practicing physicians need to be aware of the biological behavior of these products in tissue to enable them to respond to any safety concerns that their patients raise. OBJECTIVES To provide an overview of the metabolism of 1,4-butanediol(More)
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