Taro Kanamaru

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Two studies in healthy subjects assessed the absorption of edoxaban when delivered to specific locations within the gastrointestinal tract using Enterion capsules. In study 1 (single-dose, 4-way crossover), 8 participants received edoxaban 60 mg as immediate-release (IR) tablets (treatment A), as powder formulation delivered to the distal small bowel(More)
After the dosing of an extended-release (ER) formulation, compounds may exist in solutions at various concentrations in the colon because the drugs are released at various speeds from the ER dosage form. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between the drug concentration profiles in plasma and the drug doses in the colon. Several drug(More)
The purpose of this study was to develop a new method using beagle dogs in order to evaluate the colonic absorption properties of oral extended-release (ER) solid dosage forms. The established method is not only noninvasive and inexpensive but full-sized ER dosage forms are also directly administered to the colons of conscious dogs through the anus with an(More)
Oral bioavailability of DX-9065, a factor Xa inhibitor, was only 3% when it was administered as a conventional capsule formulation in fasted humans, and was further reduced to about one-tenth when it was administered to fed humans. The poor absorption of DX-9065 probably resulted from its low membrane permeability and its electrostatic interaction with bile(More)
A clinical trial of (2S)-2-[4-[[(3S)-1-acetimidoyl-3-pyrrolidinyl]oxy]phenyl]-3-(7-amidino-2-naphtyl) propanoic acid (DX-9065) revealed that its oral bioavailability was only 3% when it was administered as a conventional capsule formulation. The low bioavailability of DX-9065 was likely caused by both its poor membrane permeability and its electrostatic(More)
The objective of the present work is to develop an extended-release dosage form of cevimeline. Two types of extended-release tablets (simple matrix tablets and press-coated tablets) were prepared and their potential as extended-release dosage forms were assessed. Simple matrix tablets have a large amount of hydroxypropylcellulose as a rate-controlling(More)
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