Tarnia Taverner

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This study aimed to develop a grounded theory to describe and explain the experience of pain and its impact, as reported by the individuals who had pain associated with chronic leg ulceration. The Strauss and Corbin grounded theory approach was used. In-depth interviews were undertaken with 11 people aged ≥ 65 years from Leeds in the north of England. All(More)
OBJECTIVES Immersive virtual reality (IVR) therapy has been explored as an adjunct therapy for the management of acute pain among children and adults for several conditions. Therapeutic approaches have traditionally involved medication and physiotherapy but such approaches are limited over time by their cost and side effects. This review seeks to critically(More)
BACKGROUND Virtual reality (VR) therapy has been successfully used as an adjunct therapy for the management of acute pain in adults and children, and evidence of potential efficacy in other health applications is growing. However, minimal research exists on the value of VR as an intervention for chronic pain. OBJECTIVE This case series examined the value(More)
BACKGROUND Leg ulceration presents a significant health-care problem for patients and it is likely to be associated with pain. Poorly managed persistent pain may lead to insomnia, depression and suicidal ideation. To manage leg ulcer pain effectively, it is necessary first to assess pain, but there is little evidence of this activity in the literature. This(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of the study was to measure the prevalence of acute neuropathic pain in patients with acute burn injuries and the demographic and clinical characteristics of neuropathic pain in this population. We also evaluated the proportion of patients who received twice-daily evaluation of nurses' documentation of neuropathic pain following(More)
This study was designed to audit nurse assessment and documentation for neuropathic pain in postoperative patients. The audit focused on recorded signs of neuropathic pain in the immediate postoperative period. Nurses were educated on how to screen patients for neuropathic signs using the validated and reliable 7-item DN4. Data were obtained from 450(More)
The purpose of this paper is to provide the reader with evidence basedclinical guidance regarding assessing neuropathic pain. Persistent pain is a huge burden on health-care provision and the prevalence of persistent neuropathic pain is likely to increase owing to the ageing population. The provision of appropriate relieving interventions depends on(More)
Leg ulceration represents a substantial health problem, and pain is likely to be an associated symptom. The aim of this meta-synthesis was to undertake a systematic review of qualitative studies investigating the experience of chronic painful leg ulceration. This study undertook the meta-synthesis approach described by Sandelowski and Barroso (2003), which(More)
BACKGROUND Many patients with atrial fibrillation experience uncertainty and psychological distress. Internet support groups for atrial fibrillation have yet to be studied. AIM To determine the content and dialogue on an online message board for atrial fibrillation with the purpose of elucidating information and support needs from patient perspectives. (More)
Often older people, while maintaining a level of independence, rely on family members to provide care and assistance. Caregivers who are also registered nurses (RNs) may provide a different perspective around the experience when their older relative is admitted to acute care. The aim of our research was to investigate and develop theory regarding nursing(More)