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Today, enterprises operate a large number of applications providing critical support to the business. These applications form, when taken together, the application landscape, which can be seen as an important asset, providing essential support to business processes, but sometimes also acting as a limiting factor. Important quality attributes depend not only(More)
Workflow automation was first applied for structured processes, for processes which were determined at design time. Decades later case management emerged, workflows which were determined at runtime. Decisions in case management are made by human actors. Case management processing is very labor intensive. How could case management be transferred to a(More)
 Create a focal point and an ongoing forum for researchers and practitioners to share results and open issues in the area of maintenance and evolution of service-oriented systems and cloud-based environments. Abstract Tag Cloud Observations Cloud computing focused more attention than other approaches, but services in general also represent an important(More)
Research about process instance migration covers mainly changes in process models during the process evolution and their effects on the same runtime environment. But what if the runtime environment - a legacy Business Process Execution (BPE) platform - had to be replaced with a new solution? Several migration aspects must be taken into account. (1) Process(More)
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