Tarja Rajalahti

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The discriminating variable (DIVA) test and the selectivity ratio (SR) plot are developed as quantitative tools for revealing the variables in spectral or chromatographic profiles discriminating best between two groups of samples. The SR plot is visually similar to a spectrum or a chromatogram, but with the most intense regions corresponding to the most(More)
Mass spectral profiles are influenced by several factors that have no relation to compositional differences between samples: baseline effects, shifts in mass-to-charge ratio (m/z) (synchronization/alignment problem), structured noise (heteroscedasticity), and, differences in signal intensities (normalization problem). Different procedures for pretreatment(More)
A system for fluidized bed granulator automation with in-line multichannel near infrared (NIR) moisture measurement and a unique air flow rate measurement design was assembled, and the information gained was investigated. The multivariate process data collected was analyzed using principal component analysis (PCA). The test materials (theophylline and(More)
A battery of methods for multivariate data analysis has been used to assess the associations between concentrations of fatty acids (FAs) and lipoprotein subclasses and particle size in serum for a normolipidemic population of ethnic Norwegians living in the rural Fjord region. Significant gender differences were found in the lipoprotein and FA patterns.(More)
Concentrations in serum were determined for 18 fatty acids (FAs) and 21 lipoprotein main and subclasses by chromatographic analyses and the average size was calculated for very low density (VLDL), low density (LDL) and high density (HDL) particles. 283 ethnic Norwegian children and adults from the rural Fjord region of Western Norway were compared with the(More)
The lipid metabolism is one of the most important and complex processes in the body. Serum concentrations of 18 fatty acids (FAs) and 24 lipoprotein features, i.e. concentrations of lipoprotein main and subclasses and average particle size in main classes, in 195 ethnic Norwegian children from the rural Fjord region were quantified by chromatography. To(More)
Serum fatty acid (FA) levels were monitored in women with severe obesity during intensive lifestyle intervention. At baseline, total FA levels and most individual FAs were elevated compared to a matching cohort of normal and overweight women (healthy controls). After 3 weeks of intensive lifestyle intervention, total level was only 11-12% higher than in the(More)
This study identifies key determinants of new product launch success, examines their role and impact on launch performance and links them to the different stages of product life cycle in the pharmaceutical new product launch context. Survey data from pharmaceutical industry was analysed with multivariate data analysis using latent variable regression(More)
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