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Microscopic aspects of traffic codes for heterogeneous traffic flow are considered to be optimal for the performance of vehicular ad-hoc network. Within the scope of this concept, fluid dynamic model was applied for density estimation of heterogeneous traffic conditions. The effect of jamming density on velocity and density dynamics having influence of(More)
Wireless body area sensor networks (WBASNs) have gained much importance in current research domains and are implemented in real scenarios like hospitals for monitoring patients real-time data. Tiny sensing nodes in WBASNs have limited processing, storing capacity and battery life. The communication of sensing nodes is made energy efficient to conserve the(More)
Problem arising in CFG (Context Free Grammar) due to ambiguity can be trace to 1962. Even now there is no general method or procedure introduced to detect ambiguity in CFG. In parser generation and in language design, ambiguity in context free grammar, is a frequent problem as well as in application where it is used for the representation of physical(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have gained much attention in today’s research domain for supporting a wide variety of applications including the multimedia applications. Multimedia applications that are regarded as the quality-ofservice (QoS)-aware, delay sensitive, and bandwidth hungry applications, require enough energy and communication resources. WSNs(More)
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