Tariq Qureshi

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PURPOSE High myopia is a complex disorder that imposes serious consequences on ocular health. Linkage analysis has identified several genetic loci with a series of potential candidate genes that reveal an ambiguous pattern of association with high myopia due to population heterogeneity. We have accordingly chosen to examine the prospect of association of(More)
An 8-year-old boy with Asperger's syndrome presented with right-sided abdominal pain, which was consistent with a probable appendicitis, but revisiting the history with a high index of suspicion confirmed multiple foreign body ingestion to be the cause of his symptoms. An emergency laparotomy was performed. Multiple toy magnets and other metal objects were(More)
A 23 year old man presented to the casualty department with right periorbital oedema. A diagnosis of urticaria was made, antihistamines were prescribed, and he was discharged home. Within 24 hours he returned complaining of increased facial swelling and dysphagia, and a medical opinion was sought. He denied recent facial trauma, or insect stings. Further(More)
Fluralaner, a novel isoxazoline, has both acaricidal and insecticidal activity through potent blockage of GABA- and L-glutamate-gated chloride channels. This study investigated the in vitro and in vivo effects of fluralaner exposure on flea (Ctenocephalides felis) reproduction. Blood spiked with sub-insecticidal fluralaner concentrations (between 0.09 and(More)
Background: The prevalence of cholelithiasis is high and approximately every third woman and every fifth man are affected. Certain conditions preclude laparoscopic cholecystectomy leading surgeons to perform conventional open cholecystectomy. In this study we have determined that gallbladder (GB) wall thickening and pericholecystic fluid, on sonography are(More)
Studies reported here were conducted to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of advantus™ (imidacloprid) soft chewable tablets for the treatment of flea (Ctenocephalides felis) infestations on dogs and puppies 10 weeks of age or older and weighing 4 pounds or greater. A pharmacokinetic study was conducted to evaluate parameters of orally administered(More)
In this study, the clinical progression of experimental infection of llamas ( Lama glama) with Parelaphostrongylus tenuis is described. The onset and characterization of neurologic deficits and changes in the hematology, serum biochemical, and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in affected llamas are compared before and after appearance of clinical signs. Sixteen(More)
Many young adolescents are dissatisfied with their body due to a discrepancy between their ideal and actual body size, which can lead to weight cycling, eating disorders, depression, and obesity. The current study examined the associations of parental and peer factors with fifth-graders' body image discrepancy, physical self-worth as a mediator between(More)
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