Tariq B. Ahmad

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—The paper describes an algebraic approach to functional verification of arithmetic circuits specified at bit level. The circuit is represented as a network of half adders, full adders, and inverters, and modeled as a system of linear equations. The proof of functional correctness of the design is obtained by computing its algebraic signature using standard(More)
Last but not the least, i want to thank again my parents, my family and everyone around me who has been a positive influence in my life. In the era of multi-core computing, the push for creating true parallel applications that can run on individual CPUs is on the rise. Application of parallel discrete event simulation (PDES) to hardware design verification(More)
—Simulation of the RTL model is one of the first and mandatory steps of the design verification flow. Such a simulation needs to be repeated often due to the changing nature of the design in its early development stages and after consecutive bug fixing. Despite its relatively high level of abstraction, RTL simulation is a very time consuming process, often(More)
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