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1 Kyste hydatique du foie rompu dans la paroi abdominale et dans le muscle psoas : à propos d'une rare observation Abstract Le kyste hydatique du foie est une parasitose qui sévit à l´état endémique au maroc. La rupture dans la paroi abdominale et dans le psoas est une complication exceptionnelle. Nous rapportons un cas de kyste hydatique du foie rompu dans(More)
An acute subdural hematoma is commonly regarded as a complication of a head injury, and bleeding is associated with contusion or laceration of the bridging vein in the subdural space. Occasionally, reports describe non traumatic acute subdural bleeding from the rupture of cerebral aneurysm or vascular malformation. However, acute spontaneous subdural(More)
Tuberculosis is a major public health problem in Morocco. A mammary localisation is very rare. The incidence of tuberculosis remains very low, even in developing countries where it is considered endemic, but the spread of the human immunodeficiency virus has led to an increased number of cases of extrapulmonary tuberculosis, even in the most developed(More)
Induced sarcoïdosis during therapy with interferon for chronic viral hepatitis C involves mainly by isolated cutaneous lesions or with lung lesions. Systemic forms are very rare. We report an observation. A 50-year-old patient developed a systemic sarcoïdosis two months after the end of treatment for hepatitis C with pegylated interferon and ribavirin with(More)