Tarik Erfidan

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In switch mode power supplies(SMPS), flyback converters are very popular because of, design simplicity, low cost, multiple isolated outputs, high output voltages and high efficiency. They are preferred especially for low power applications (150W). In this work, flyback converters are analyzed, mathematical modeled, designed with given parameters, tested(More)
Single-phase inverters are specially used in the power supplies of computer units which placed in Telekom centrals. Being the voltage produced in a inverter is harmonically composed, causes a problem. In this study, in order to make the voltage on the load constant hysteresis current control was made by using the ability of learning and guessing the Neural(More)
Recently, DC-DC boost converters are usually required in many applications which has low output voltage, such as renewable energy sources. The interleaved boost converters consists of several identical boost converters connected in parallel and controlled by the interleaved method which has the same switching frequency and phase shift. The advantages of(More)
In this paper, a novel DC link softswitched inverter is presented. The new inverter uses softswitched frequency unfolder technique to provide soft-switching feature while keeping pulse width modulation (PWM) capability without high voltage stress The main obstacle for inverters to operate at high frequencies is the increasing switching losses with the(More)
In this paper, a universal auxiliary circuit named Zero Current and Zero Voltage Transition (ZCZVT) commutation cell applied to buck converter is presented. The operation of the proposed ZCZVT commutation cell applied to buck converter is theoretically analyzed. With the use of the proposed commutation cell, which is activated only during the switching(More)
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