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This paper introduces tweetscapes1, a system that transforms message streams from Twitter in real-time into a soundscape that allows the listener to perceive characteristics of Twitter messages such as their density, origin, impact, or how topics change over time. Tweetscapes allows the listener to be in touch with the social platform/medium Twitter and to(More)
This paper introduces the new audiovisual sequencing system “Versum” that allows users to compose in three dimensions. First, the conceptual soil from which this system has sprung is discussed. Secondly, the basic concepts with which Versum operates are explained, providing a general idea of what is meant by sequencing in three dimensions and explaining(More)
Versum is a realtime three dimensional audiovisual composition system that I programmed. It forces both the composer and the audience to see the music and listen to the visuals. The audience sees and hears the compositions that have been made in Versum as a journey through an abstract space in which soundemitting three dimensional shapes (Entities) form the(More)
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