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BACKGROUND Gum Arabic (acacia Senegal) is a complex polysaccharide indigestible to both humans and animals. It has been considered as a safe dietary fiber by the United States, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since the 1970s. Although its effects were extensively studied in animals, there is paucity of data regarding its quantified use in humans. This(More)
BACKGROUND Regular exposure to tobacco smoke at home causes airway inflammation and altered cytokine regulation; however, there is variation between individuals of different countries. OBJECTIVE To determine effects of passive smoking on plasma IL4, TNFá, and CRP in healthy male school-children in Khartoum. METHODS A total of 135 male school-pupils (69(More)
Both obesity and type II diabetes mellitus are associated with insulin resistance and abnormal metabolic reactions. This study was conducted to evaluate resting metabolic rate in obese diabetic patients and to assess its relation to glycaemic control. This is a case control study conducted in Gabir AbuEliz centre in Khartoum, Sudan. A random sample of 40(More)
Predictive equations provide the basis for estimating energy needs for different individuals; however, accuracy of these equations has been questioned in tropical countries. The current study determined which of the commonly used predictive equations is most suitable for estimating resting metabolic rate (RMR) in a random sample of obese diabetic and obese(More)
BACKGROUND Exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke at home has been linked to many complications, including impaired lung ventilatory function; however, there is great variation in intensity of this complication between individuals of different countries. The aim of this study was to determine relationship between regular second-hand smoke exposure at home(More)
BACKGROUND Although respiratory symptoms in asthmatic patients are likely to be caused by bronchoconstriction, this should be confirmed by spirometry. In this study, our aim was to determine the percentage of asthmatic patients who present with mild respiratory symptoms but fail to show any evidence of bronchoconstriction in spirometry. MATERIALS AND(More)
Measurement of the energy expenditure in man is a key step in the calculation of the energy requirements that are needed for clinical nutritional assessment and body weight management. Obese diabetic patients suffer from variable metabolic abnormalities that are associated with insulin resistance. The respiratory quotient (RQ) is an important metabolic(More)
AIM To determine the influence of the demographic and the psychosocial factors on the intensity of pain manifestation among the chronic ill patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS A descriptive, cross-sectional study was carried out among 328 chronic patients under home-based nursing care in Southern State of Kerala, India, from July to August 2015. Each patient(More)
Objectives: To determine the histopathological patterns of cutaneous malignant melanoma in Sudanese patients. Methods: This is a cross sectional laboratory based descriptive study that included all tissue slides presented during the study period. The tissue blocks and the slides of 55 cases were collected and re-examined by the principal investigator.(More)
Few studies investigated the association between basal metabolic rate (BMR) and indicators of pulmonary function. This study was conducted to estimate BMR in overweight/obese and non-obese healthy subjects using four commonly used predictive equations and to investigate its relation to the indicators of lung function tests (LFT). A cross sectional study was(More)