Tarianna Stewart

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PURPOSE Although it is well established that people with schizophrenia have markedly high rates of unemployment, less is known about the prevalence and clinical correlates of unemployment in patients newly diagnosed with first-episode psychosis. This analysis documented the prevalence of unemployment and examined previously reported clinical correlates of(More)
OBJECTIVE Several reports suggest that cannabis use is associated with an earlier age at onset of psychosis, although not all studies have operationalized cannabis use as occurring prior to onset of symptoms. This study addressed whether pre-onset cannabis use, alcohol use, and tobacco use are associated with an earlier age at onset of prodromal and(More)
INTRODUCTION Limited research indicates that pre-illness cannabis use may result in an earlier age at onset of psychosis, though little is known about the influence of prior cannabis use on the premorbid and prodromal phases. This study examined the effects of prior or concurrent cannabis (as well as nicotine and alcohol) use on: (1) early adolescent (12-15(More)
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