Tarek Mouats

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In this paper, we investigate the problem of visual odometry for ground vehicles based on the simultaneous utilization of multispectral cameras. It encompasses a stereo rig composed of an optical (visible) and thermal sensors. The novelty resides in the localization of the cameras as a stereo setup rather than two monocular cameras of different spectrums.(More)
A background subtraction (BS) technique based on the fusion of thermal and visible imagery using Gaussian mixture models (GMM) is presented in this work. An automatic daytime/night-time detection is introduced that can be used to dynamically adapting the fusion scheme. Three fusion schemes are investigated and coined as early, late and image fusion. The(More)
With rapid development in the infrared industry and the availability of relatively cheaper infrared cameras, the simultaneous utilization of visible and infrared data and thus solving the correspondence problem between those images attracts more attention. In this context, we investigate the feasibility of matching features extracted from a multispectral(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel image representation approach to tackle illumination variations in stereo matching problems. Images are mapped using their Fourier transforms which are convolved with a set of monogenic filters. Frequency analysis is carried out at different scales to account for most image content. The phase congruency and the local(More)
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