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Spectral and coherence methodologies are ubiquitous for the analysis of multiple time series. Partial coherence analysis may be used to try to determine graphical models for brain functional connectivity. The outcome of such an analysis may be considerably influenced by factors such as the degree of spectral smoothing, line and interference removal, matrix(More)
If, as is widely believed, schizophrenia is characterized by abnormalities of brain functional connectivity, then it seems reasonable to expect that different subtypes of schizophrenia could be discriminated in the same way. However, evidence for differences in functional connectivity between the subtypes of schizophrenia is largely lacking and, where it(More)
—Complex-valued Gaussian distributions occur frequently in signal processing. We derive a simple statistic, independent of any complex-valued correlation, for testing for the equality of variances using a sample drawn from such a bivariate distribution. The percentage points of the distribution are easy to compute. The power of the test is determined and(More)
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