Tarek Khadir

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In this paper, we present the results obtained by our ontology matching system XMap++ within the OAEI 2014 campaign. XMap++ is a scalable ontology alignment tools capable of matching large scale ontology. This is our second participation in the OAEI, and we can see an overall improvement on nearly every task. 1 State, purpose, general statement XMap(More)
This paper investigates the problem of robust fault detection observer design for nonlinear Takagi–Sugeno models with unmeasurable premise variables subject to sensor faults and unknown bounded disturbance. The main idea is to synthesize a robust fault detection observer by means of a mixed H =H1 performance index. The considered observer is used to(More)
Predictive Functional Control (PFC), belonging to the family of predictive control techniques, has been demonstrated as a powerful algorithm for controlling process plants. The input/output PFC formulation has been a particularly attractive paradigm for industrial processes, with a combination of simplicity and effectiveness. Though its use of a lag plus(More)
The study of multiple classifier systems has become recently an area of intensive research in pattern recognition in order to improve the results of single classifiers. In this work, two types of features combination for handwritten Arabic literal words amount recognition, using neural network classifiers are discussed. Different parallel combination(More)
Ontology matching has emerged as a crucial step when information sources are being integrated. Hence, ontology matching has attracted considerable attention in both academia and industry. Clearly, as information sources grow rapidly, manual ontology matching becomes tedious, time-consuming and leads to errors and frustration. Thus the need for automated and(More)