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This paper proposes functional networks as an unconstrained classifier scheme for multivariate data to diagnose the breast cancer tumor. The performance of this new technique is measured using two well known databases under the minimum description length criterion, the results are compared with the most common existing classifiers in both computer science(More)
The process of classifying text into two opposing opinions is known as sentiment polarity classification. It has been shown in the literature that this problem cannot reach accuracy higher than 80-85%. This paper shows that a higher accuracy (96%) can be achieved without the need to translate text into English language. More specifically, our case study is:(More)
Next generation of information systems will rely on cooperative intelligent agents for playing a fundamental role in actively searching and finding relevant information on behalf of their users in complex and open environments, such as the Internet. User Interface Agents (UIA) are semi-intelligent systems, which help the users to access, manage share and(More)