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In this paper, a novel for Query Translation and Expansion for enabling English/Arabic CLIR for both normal and OCR-Degraded Arabic Text model has been proposed, implemented, and tested. First, an English/Arabic Word Collocations Dictionary has been established plus reproducing three English/Arabic Single Words Dictionaries. Second, a modern Arabic Corpus(More)
There is a remarkable growth in the usage of social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Users from different cultures and backgrounds post large volumes of textual comments reflecting their opinion in different aspect of life and make them available to everyone. In particular we study the case of Twitter and focus on presidential elections in Egypt(More)
The Named Entity Recognition (NER) is a task in Information Extraction (IE). The Named entity recognition has become very important for natural language processing. The named entity recognition is defined as the detection and classification of entities from un-structured text where for the Arabic language, the named entity recognition is new in the natural(More)