Tarek Baaboura

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Swarm robotics systems are characterized by decentralized control, limited communication between robots, use of local information, and emergence of global behavior. Such systems have shown their potential for flexibility and robustness [1]-[3]. However, existing swarm robotics systems are by and large still limited to displaying simple proof-of-concept(More)
fused map / path planning scanner, gyro, odo. camera, proximity ground, gripper HTN planning wheels, gripper task exec. plan exec. exploration sensors mapping reasoning actuators acting user command Context Autonomous construction by mobile robots would be useful in various situations, such as in outer space, in hazardous environments, but also for the(More)
This thesis is about modelling, design and control of Miniature Flying Robots (MFR) with a focus on Vertical TakeOff and Landing (VTOL) systems and specifically, micro quadrotors. It introduces a mathematical model for simulation and control of such systems. It then describes a design methodology for a miniature rotorcraft. The methodology is subsequently(More)
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