Tarek A. Tutunji

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Obtaining the plants' mathematical models using physical laws is essential in the development and design of suitable controllers. However, sometimes these models can be complex, inaccurate, or difficult to find. In such cases, mathematical models can be build using experimental data that approximate the real system's behavior. The quadcopter is one such(More)
A mechatronics project for designing a 3D printer prototype is discussed. The project work is part of a senior students' project class and is used as a case study to highlight the success of developing a fully-integrated engineering system that incorporates a mechanical plant, electronics, drivers, embedded controllers, and software interface. The project(More)
As mechatronics engineers, we intend to combine more than one system together, produce new technologies and facilities for everyone and make life easier. Combining different systems together can dot it. We chose parking areas to be our interest. The exotic parking's main goal is simple “saving time”. This requires facilities and technologies.(More)
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