Tarek A. El-Mihoub

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Hybrid genetic algorithms have received significant interest in recent years and are being increasingly used to solve real-world problems. A genetic algorithm is able to incorporate other techniques within its framework to produce a hybrid that reaps the best from the combination. In this paper, different forms of integration between genetic algorithms and(More)
Color palettes are inherent to color quantized images and represent the range of possible colors in such images. When converting full true color images to palletized counterparts, the color palette should be chosen so as to minimize the resulting distortion compared to the original. In this paper, we show that in contrast to previous approaches on color(More)
Genetic algorithm is an evolutionary approach for solving space layout and optimization problems. Due to some drawbacks in genetic algorithm, several modifications are performed on this algorithm. When the advantages of GA are combined with advantages of another algorithm then this approach is called Hybrid Genetic Algorithm. One of the most difficult(More)
The pheromone trail metaphor is a simple and effective way to accumulate the experience of the past solutions in solving discrete optimization problems. Ant-based optimization algorithms have been successfully employed to solve hard optimization problems. The problem of achieving an optimal utilization of a hybrid genetic algorithm search time is actually a(More)
Achieving a balance between the exploration and exploitation capabilities of genetic algorithms is a key factor for their success in solving complicated search problems. Incorporating a local search method within a genetic algorithm can enhance the exploitation of local knowledge but it risks decelerating the schema building process. This paper defines some(More)
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