Tarcísio A. S. Oliveira

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This paper investigates the influence of the soil electrical conductivity and permittivity dependence with frequency in grounding response to lightning currents. Simulated results for soil with frequency variation of its parameters show: i) a significant reduction of the amplitude values of the transient voltages and impulse impedance; ii) an increase of(More)
This study evaluates the response of a horizontal grounding electrode against impulsive currents whose waveforms and time front is typical of lightning. The electrode is found buried in soil with different resistivity values and whose conductivity and permittivity vary with spectrum frequency of lightning according four formulations exists in literature. It(More)
This paper investigates the influence of frequencydependent electrical soil parameters on underground electric fields associated to the dispersion of lightning currents through grounding electrodes. Results show that the frequency dependence of the soil parameters leads to strong attenuation and distortion of the calculated transient electric fields. It is(More)
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