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Adenosine 5'-phosphosulfate (APS) sulfotransferase is thought to be an enzyme that transfers the sulfo-group of APS to a carrier compound with a thiol group in the assimilatory sulfate reduction pathway of higher plants. We developed a rapid, non-radioactive assay for APS sulfotransferase. Sulfite released by APS sulfotransferase reaction in the presence of(More)
This work was aimed to develop water resistant biocide film from renewable resources for applications in food and water technology. Guar gum, a polymeric galactomannan, was intrinsically modified to a new guar gum benzamide. Benzoylation was carried out by benzoyl chloride reaction in water medium and a propyl amine spacer was used to impart a high degree(More)
The footwear industry occupies a place of prominence in the Indian economy in view of its massive potential for employment, growth and exports. Footwear workers are exposed to a plethora of occupational hazards of which the most hazardous one is from industrial adhesives and glues. The adhesives and glues cause various respiratory diseases, neurotoxicity(More)
This study was undertaken among 100 randomly selected bus conductors from 2 routes. A questionnaire study based on the modified Nordic musculoskeletal questionnaire, assessment of physical and physiological parameters, analysis of working postures and a detailed work study were performed. The analysis revealed that conductors had a work schedule of 16-18 h(More)
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