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This paper presents a study on the harmonic depollution of the electric power network as well as the compensation of reactive power by unified power quality conditioner (UPQC) (parallel and series association active filters). The presentation of the system of filtering starts initially with the presentation of the modeling of the whole of the system(More)
In this paper, a robust controller for a three degree of freedom (3 DOF) helicopter control is proposed in presence of actuator and sensor faults. For this purpose, Interval type-2 fuzzy logic control approach (IT2FLC) and sliding mode control (SMC) technique are used to design a controller, named active fault tolerant interval type-2 Fuzzy Sliding mode(More)
In this paper two configurations of photovoltaic energy conversion using the NPC three levels inverter for stand-alone application are proposed and their performances compared. The first cascade uses separate PV sources and the second configuration use only one PV generator. Without a DC/DC converter used in these two studied cases, and in order to get a(More)
This paper presents a shunt active power filter to compensate reactive power and reduce the unwanted harmonics. A shunt active filter is realized employing three-phase voltage source inverter (VSI) bridge with common DC bus condenser. The shunt active filter acts as a current source, which is connected in parallel with a nonlinear load and controlled to(More)
In this paper a transistor open-circuit fault diagnosis problem in two-level voltage inverter controlled shunt active power filter drives was discussed. Taking into consideration requirements of the contemporary monitoring drive systems original transistor fault diagnostic technique were proposed. Presented results were obtained by designed in PSIM software(More)
20 Neutral Point Potential Balancing Algorithm for Autonomous Three-Level Shunt Active Power Filter 1 T. Abdelkrim, 2 E.M. Berkouk, Aeh. Benkhelifa, 1 K. Benamrane, 3 T. Benslimane 1 Applied Research Unit on Renewable Energies, Industrial zone, B.P. 88, Ghardaïa, Algeria 2 Laboratory of Process Control, Polytechnic National School, Street Hassen Badi, El(More)
The faulty performance of permanent-magnet (PM) brushless dc motor drives is studied under one and simultaneous two open-switches faults conditions. This DC motor is supplied with a three phase two level six IGBT voltage source inverter. The three phases currents mean values of the DC motor are used as diagnostic indices. A knowledge algorithm is based to(More)
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