Tarachand Amgoth

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Technological advancements made major research challenges in the area of wireless sensor network. Power saving is the foremost criteria in this field. Consumption of energy is considerably reduced on properly designed protocol. This paper focuses on energy aware fuzzy based routing protocol. Protocol based on fuzzy logic computation reduces power(More)
Clustering is considered as an efficient technique for improving scalability and conserving energy of the sensor nodes to prolong the life time of wireless sensor networks (WSNs). In this paper, we propose a new backoff based distributed clustering protocol, called BDCP for wireless sensor networks. The algorithm consists of two phases, namely cluster head(More)
Executing a large number of workflow applications within their deadlines and efficient utilization of computing resources in a cloud computing environment is a challenging problem. A workflow application is usually represented as a set of tasks interconnected via data. In most of the scheduling algorithms, the execution times of the tasks are pre-computed.(More)
Cloud computing emerged as a new computing paradigm for on-demand provisioning of IT services over the Internet. One challenging research issues in cloud environment it to develop any energy efficient and resource-aware algorithm for virtual machine placement (VMP) problem. If the problem is not dealt properly, it affects the performance of cloud data(More)
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