Tara Tracy

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In 14 men and nine women referred because of severe primary hypertriglyceridemia, our specific aim in a 54-week single-blind treatment (Rx) period was to determine whether triglyceride (TG) lowering with a Type V diet and Lopid would lead to improvement in symptoms of depression, improvement in an index of life stressors, change in locus of control index,(More)
Sound envelope temporal fluctuations are important for effective processing of biologically relevant acoustic information including speech, animal vocalizations, sound-source location, and pitch. Amplitude modulation (AM) of sound envelopes can be encoded in quiet with high fidelity by many auditory neurons including those of the auditory nerve (AN) and(More)
The epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) blocker amiloride has been shown to increase the behaviorally measured NaCl detection threshold in mice. In this study, a conditioned taste aversion (CTA) paradigm was used to examine whether 100 microM amiloride has a perceptible taste that could contribute to this observed decrease in behavioral responsiveness.(More)
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