Tara O'Leary

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PURPOSE This study examined the utility of routine psychologic screening in a childhood cancer survivor clinic by evaluating patient acceptance, comparing subjects' symptoms to normative data, examining the utility of specific tests, and identifying risk factors associated with psychological distress. METHODS During their annual clinic visit, 101 adult(More)
We identified 51 patients from pathology and operative records who were treated in the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital with malignant sinonasal tumours between January 1980 and December 1991. Complete follow up was available in 43 patients. There were 30 males, mean age 50 years, range (10-80) and 13 females, mean age 59 years, range (34-75). Commonest(More)
Few reports document the coexistence of Peritonsillar Abscess (PTA) and Infectious Mononucleosis (IM). In this paper, we are reporting on two cases that presented to our department with the two conditions simultaneously. We also review the literature and discuss the current theories behind what was considered, for sometime, an unusual presentation of a(More)
The incidence of major haemorrhagic complications from oral anticoagulants is between 4.4% and 8.2%. Life-threatening haemorrhage is usually either intracranial or gastro-intestinal, but haemorrhage into the upper airways is a distinctly uncommon occurrence. We report the case of an elderly lady who developed an anticoagulant induced haemorrhage into the(More)
The gold standard access for myomectomy is laparoscopy in selected cases, including intramural and sub-serous symptomatic leiomyomas. The main contraindications concern inexperience of the surgeon, severe necrobiosis, suspected leiomyosarcoma and excessive size. The tips and tricks of the laparoscopic technique are described, specially enucleation,(More)
Carcinoid tumour of the larynx is a rare condition but one that is being increasingly recognised. We report the case of a 66 year old lady with an advanced malignant laryngeal carcinoid, metastasizing to the regional lymph nodes, thyroid and submandibular glands. Surgery is the treatment of choice in this condition--radiotherapy and chemotherapy being(More)
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