Tara M. Dinger

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This study examined the reasons for therapy termination documented by graduate student therapists. The closed case files of individual adult clients who had terminated their therapy experience at a university-based psychology clinic were reviewed. Results indicated that the most frequent reasons for termination documented by graduate student therapists were(More)
A total of 150 biological mother–father–adolescent triads were interviewed to investigate adolescents’ perceptions of parents with and without high levels of psychological symptoms in relation to adolescents’ emotional/behavioral functioning. There was a more consistent pattern for sons to show greater externalizing emotional/behavioral problems in relation(More)
This study examined the relationships among therapist experience, the cost of therapy services, the degree of client psychopathology, and the number of therapy sessions clients attended following intake. The closed files of 407 clients at a university-based psychology outpatient clinic were examined. Results indicated that the duration of therapy was(More)
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