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Chronic administration of beta,beta'-iminodipropionitrile causes a persistent syndrome of excitement, choreoathetoid movements, and circling (the "ECC-syndrome") which persists indefinitely after termination of the IDPN injections. Ro 22-1319 is a specific D-2 dopamine receptor antagonist which was recently synthesized to fit a hypothetical model of the D-2(More)
The effects of drugs with selective action on alpha 1- or alpha 2-adrenoceptors were investigated on persistent head twitches, vertical neck dyskinesia, and the random circling behaviors induced by chronic intraperitoneal injections of IDPN. The alpha agonist clonidine and the alpha antagonist prazosin inhibited the IDPN-induced behavioral syndrome whereas(More)
The effects of naltrexone on the persistent movement disorder induced in mice by the neurotoxic substance IDPN were examined. Naltrexone (2-4 mg/kg, IP) significantly reduced the hyperactivity and the stereotypic behaviors induced by IDPN. Fifteen minutes after the injection of naltrexone, the dyskinetic neck movements were almost completely inhibited at(More)
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