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OBJECTIVE To examine in subjects with stroke using their nonparetic side how different levels of stimulus-response (S-R) compatibility, which require different levels of information processing, affect manual tracking control. DESIGN Descriptive study comparing finger movement tracking performance under S-R-compatible and S-R-incompatible conditions(More)
This study was designed to determine intraobserver and interobserver reliability of maximal muscle strength for upper and lower extremity muscle groups. Four healthy subjects were tested with a portable muscle dynamometer on two separate occasions by three separate examiners to determine maximal isometric strength of lateral pinch between thumb and index(More)
The pig, a representative of the artiodactyla clade, is one of the first animals domesticated, and has become an important agriculture animal as one of the major human nutritional sources of animal based protein. The pig is also a valuable biomedical model organism for human health. The pig's importance to human health and nutrition is reflected in the(More)
This is the first reported research that explores the feeling of knowing (FOK) for musical stimuli. Subjects attempted to recall melodies and titles of musical pieces, made FOK ratings when recall failed, and then had a recognition test. With instrumental music (Experiment 1), more titles were recalled when melodies were given as cues than vice versa. With(More)
The domestic dog is becoming an increasingly valuable model species in medical genetics, showing particular promise to advance our understanding of cancer and orthopaedic disease. Here we undertake the largest canine genome-wide association study to date, with a panel of over 4,200 dogs genotyped at 180,000 markers, to accelerate mapping efforts. For(More)
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