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To test the commonly held assumption that individuals who share a personal relationship are more likely to lie for one another than are strangers, 81 undergraduate students were given the opportunity to either corroborate or refute a confederate's alibi. In either a "friendship-enhancing" or a "stranger-maintaining" condition, confederate-participant pairs(More)
The diffusion of online communication tools and rise of connectivity opportunities have tremendously diminished the societal borders. These developments have led to the convergence of people and cultures from all over the world. In this regard, without considering their online environments, the physical society surrounding the individuals is not enough to(More)
The present study investigated how alibi witnesses react in the face of an innocent suspect's confession. Under the pretext of a problem-solving study, a participant and confederate completed a series of tasks in the same testing room. The confederate was subsequently accused of stealing money from an adjacent office during the study session. After(More)
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