Tara Alana Kelley

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This case study describes how course features and individual & social learning analytics were scaled up to support "participatory" learning. An existing online course was turned into a "big open online course" (BOOC) offered to hundreds. Compared to typical open courses, relatively high levels of persistence, individual & social engagement, and(More)
Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is a clinically relevant disease that can occur independently or secondary to other diseases such as HIV infection and AIDS. To study this latter process, we used a model in which mice are infected with the LP-BM5 murine AIDS (MAIDS) retrovirus. Cardiac function of control and infected mice was determined through the in vivo(More)
INTRODUCTION Studies have demonstrated a relation between health anxiety (hypochondriasis) and substance use, but this minimal body of literature has focused on alcohol or illicit drugs. The use of medications without a physician's prescription (i.e., non-medical use of prescription drugs, NMUPD) is increasingly prevalent among young adults. Health anxiety,(More)
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