Tara A Stanton

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The CD45 antigen is a haemopoietic cell specific tyrosine phosphatase essential for antigen receptor mediated signalling in lymphocytes. Expression of different patterns of alternatively spliced CD45 isoforms is associated with distinct functions. We recently identified a polymorphism in exon 6 (A138G) of the gene encoding CD45 (PTPRC) that results in(More)
predicting recurrence of clostridium difficile infection (CDI) in hospitalized patients: Retrospective study of more than 2000 patients. (2014). Nongenomic effects of estrogen mediate the dose-related myocardial oxidative stress and dysfunction caused by acute ethanol in female rats. (2015). Estrogen modulation of the ethanol-evoked myocardial oxidative(More)
A somewhat less deterministic view of Situational Awareness (SA) is adopted in this paper, one that is not just based on the match between an objective situation and a subjective awareness of it but instead characterised by the quantity, type and structure of situational elements held by drivers. A split-plot design was used to assess the changes in SA(More)
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