Taqwa Ahmed Alhaj

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Feature extraction plays an important role in reducing the computational complexity and increasing the accuracy. Independent Component Analysis (ICA) is an effective feature extraction technique for disclosing hidden factors that underlying mixed samples of random variable measurements. The computation basic of ICA presupposes the mutual statistical(More)
In this paper, we propose a new algorithm to compute the strength of passwords based on two measurements, mainly: password entropy and password quality. The passwords considered by the algorithm consist of eight characters alpha numeric with special characters. For such passwords, the analysis phase identified the low/high entropy patterns and low/high(More)
Grouping and clustering alerts for intrusion detection based on the similarity of features is referred to as structurally base alert correlation and can discover a list of attack steps. Previous researchers selected different features and data sources manually based on their knowledge and experience, which lead to the less accurate identification of attack(More)
This research paper presents the design of a proposed synchronization wireless algorithm based on message digest (SWAMD) as an aid to assist data synchronization between the mobile device database and the server-side database. SWAMD proposes storing images from the server-side database and the mobile device database in a message digest table in order to(More)
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