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SIR: The article “Interaction of Clay Soils with Water and Organic Solvents: Implications for the Disposal of Hazardous Wastes” ( I ) brings out the importance of shrink-swell testing on clay liners and soils of the type encountered at storage sites for the disposal of hazardous wastes but raises some questions that we would like to address a t this time.(More)
The popularity of online services has grown exponentially, spurring great interest in improving server hardware and software. However, conducting research on servers has traditionally been challenging due to the complexity of setting up representative server configurations and measuring their performance. Recent work has eased the effort of benchmarking(More)
All software in use today relies on libraries, including standard libraries (e.g., C, C++) and application-specific libraries (e.g., libxml, libpng). Most libraries are loaded in memory and dynamically linked when programs are launched, resolving symbol addresses across the applications and libraries. Dynamic linking has many benefits: It allows code to be(More)
PCIe-connected FPGAs are gaining popularity as an accelerator technology in data centers. However, it is challenging to jointly develop and debug host software and FPGA hardware. Changes to the hardware design require a time-consuming FPGA synthesis process, and modification to the software, especially the operating system and device drivers, can frequently(More)
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