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We present a general methodology to produce synchronized soundtracks for animations. A sound world is modeled by associating a characteristic sound for each object in a scene. These sounds can be generated from a behavioral or physically-based simulation. Collision sounds can be computed from vibrational response of elastic bodies to the collision impulse.(More)
We outline general theoretical and practical implications of what we promote as enactive cinema for the neuroscientific study of online socio-emotional interaction. In a real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging (rt-fMRI) setting, participants are immersed in cinematic experiences that simulate social situations. While viewing, their physiological(More)
SUMMARY Until recently, sound has been given little attention in computer graphics and related domains of computer animation and virtual environments, although sounds which are properly synchronized to motion provide a great deal of information about events in the environment. Sounds are often not properly synchronized because the sounds and the phenomena(More)
In this paper, we introduce and analyze four gesture-controlled musical instruments. We briefly discuss the test platform designed to allow for rapid experimentation of new interfaces and control mappings. We describe our design experiences and discuss the effects of system features such as latency, resolution and lack of tactile feedback. The instruments(More)
A navigation test was carried out in a spatially immersive virtual environment. The test was a gamelike experience where the task of subjects was to find as many gates as possible while they navigated through a track guided by auditory and/or visual cues. The results are presented as a function of the number of found gates, searching times, and normalized(More)
We present a survey of the current generation of 3D user interface (3DUI) applications, their developers, and development issues. 3DUI developing experiences from 71 developers – as well as information about 56 unique 3DUI applications – were collected and analysed. The statistics presented in this paper give a broad view over the 3DUI field and indicate(More)
A real-time virtual audio reality model has been created. The system includes model-based sound synthesizers, geometrical room acoustics modeling, binaural auralization for headphone or loudspeaker listening, and hiqh-quality animation. This paper discusses the following subsystems of the designed environment: The implementation of the audio processing(More)