Tapasi Bhattacharjee

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This paper proposes a joint secret sharing and data hiding scheme to serve the purpose of progressive quality access control on digital images. A gray scale secret image is divided into noise-like shares using bit plane modulation. Individual share is then embedded into respective cover images (from a set of images) in DCT domain using m-ary spread spectrum(More)
Reversible watermarking (RW) is used to embed some useful information into digital content in a reversible manner, where the reconstruction of the original image is highly desirable. This reversibility is important for almost all sensitive image application domains such as medical and military fields. To this aim here we have proposed a hybrid algorithm(More)
In an environmental setup both humans and animals are exposed to mixture of heavy metals, especially through drinking water. Little is known about the interactions among various heavy metals during their co-exposure through drinking water and their net combined toxic implications in humans and animals. In current study, we examined the effect of sub chronic(More)
Secret sharing is a means of data protection by splitting it into few noise-like shares. However, transmission of shares (digital information), through radio mobile channel, experience the multipath effect called the fading effect that sometimes leads to severe degradation in the quality of the reconstructed data. This paper proposes a strong threshold (n,(More)
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