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A coherent study of tuning properties of resonant-cap IMPATT oscillator at Ka-band has been carried out by mechanical and electronic means. It is experimentally observed that output power of IMPATT oscillator passes through a maximum, with an optimum combination of cap diameter and cap height. An empirical relation is obtained between cap diameter and(More)
The device efficiency of a silicon SDR (p + nn +) IMPATT diode at Ka-band has been studied by using small signal simulation and field swing upto 50 % of the maximum dc electric field. It is found that the d.c. to r.f. conversion efficiency of the SDR IMPATT diode decreases with the increase in field swing upto 50 %, from 8.98% to 7.84%. An integrated heat(More)
A range of beetle species are associated with plants and many of them reside primarily in flowers; of these Nitidulidae possess a large share. Beetles which thrive upon angiosperms exhibited a rapid rate of speciation as compared to others with different feeding habits. Hence, beetles and angiosperms have co-evolved and influenced each others’ evolution for(More)
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