Tapas Ghorui

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The hydrogen bonded bis azo-oximato [IrCl2(L(NOH))(L(NO))] 2 and its deprotonated form (Et3NH)[IrCl2(L(NO))2] (Et3NH)(+)3(-) have been isolated in the crystalline state by a facile synthetic method.(More)
An attractive methodology, single-electron transfer (SET) reductive cleavage of the C-S bond mediated by a metal in the presence of the external stimuli PPh3, has been applied to the kinetically(More)
The reaction between a potential flexidentate pyridyl-azo-oxime HL1 and Co(ClO4)2 yields novel homoleptic complexes of types [Co(III)(L(-I))3], 2 and [Co(III)(L(-I))2]ClO4, 3⁺ClO₄ in N6 and N4O2(More)
A potentially symmetrical NNN pyrrolido-functionalized pincer ligand, HL = 2,5-bis(phenylazo)-1H-pyrrole, reacts with [Rh(I)Cl(PPh3)3] in toluene in the presence of air, affording an emerald(More)
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