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Navigation with an Adaptive Mobile Map-Application: User Experiences of Gesture- and Context-Sensitiveness
The results show that navigation tasks can be facilitated with context-sensitiveness and gesture control, though users may need some practice. Expand
An Adaptive Map-Based Interface for Situated Services
A map-based interface for accessing situated services that utilises multimodal and context information to rotate, position and zoom the map appropriately and is supported by a generic UI description and adaptation method. Expand
Customizing User Interaction in Smart Phones
A context-based, device-centric tool prototype lets users easily customize smart phones, offering low learning costs and high usability. In contrast, we've developed a context-aware solution forExpand
Context management for end user development of context-aware applications
A context framework and a tool are presented for facilitating easy customization of context-aware features into existing mobile terminal applications and discussion of the potential scope of end user development in mobile devices. Expand
ActionCube: a tangible mobile gesture interaction tutorial
The aim was to create a pleasurable experience that invites users to learn how mobile device movement control works, and an interaction tutorial application that combines gesture control with a physical visual tangible object in a mobile device. Expand
Understanding and recognizing usage situations using context data available in mobile phones
A hybrid method for personalizing different interface features in a mobile phone using combined data from GSM base stations and Bluetooth sources to determine user location and change the user profile automatically according to the location context is introduced. Expand
Sharing and presenting multimedia and context information within online communities using mobile terminals
This paper presents an approach for a user interface for mobile terminals to present and share multimedia with context information within an online community and utilizes a map-based interface and domain object model-based user interface technique to present multimedia objects and the context of community members. Expand
Unobtrusive Movement Interaction for Mobile Devices
The results suggest that detecting tapping is reliable enough for practical applications in mobile computing when the interaction is performed in a stationary situation. Expand
Privacy Threats in Emerging Ubicomp Applications: Analysis and Safeguarding
An analysis of more than 100 Ubicomp scenarios shows that applications are often proposed without considering privacy issues, whereas existing privacy-enhancing technologies mainly have been developed for networked applications and are not always applicable to emerging applications for smart spaces and personal devices. Expand
Sharing Multimedia and Context Information Between Mobile Terminals
Mobile terminal users have needs for sharing experiences and common interests in a context sensitive manner. However, due to the current division of creation, delivery and access functionality ofExpand