Tapanee Tirapat

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This research investigates the hyperlink information presentation methods often found in Web sites today. Generally, the information presentation has two formats: a new Webpage appears in a new window, and a new Webpage replace information in an old window. In order to assess the usability of such formats, the efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction of(More)
The blogging phenomenon has caught the on-line world by surprise; the number of blogs doubles regularly and the number of daily blog entries seems to also continuously increase. Even more interestingly, blogs seem to compete with authoritative media outlets as a means for delivering news and opinions. The perceived power of blogs to inform and form, public(More)
In this paper, we present ENWiC (EduNuggets Wiki Crawler), a framework for intelligent visualization of Wikis. In recent years, e-learning has emerged as an appealing alternative to traditional teaching. The effectiveness of e-Learning is depended upon the sharing of information on the web, which makes the web a vast library of information that students and(More)
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